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Empower Your Potential Anytime, Anywhere with's 24/7 AI-Enhanced Coaching


Embrace the future of personal and professional development with Instacoaching's pioneering AI coaching. This cutting-edge approach merges advanced AI technology, including natural language processing and machine learning, with the essence of traditional coaching. Instacoaching is redefining mentorship by offering 24/7 access to personalized, data-driven advice for diverse needs like performance enhancement, work-life balance, and leadership skills.

Instacoaching's AI coaching isn't just innovative; it's transformative. Enjoy the benefits of instant access, cost efficiency, unbiased guidance, and tailored strategies, all while maintaining confidentiality.


This dynamic blend of human understanding and AI precision caters to individual preferences in style and language, perfect for both personal growth and corporate advancement.

Looking ahead, Instacoaching is at the vanguard of AI advancements. Expect more intuitive experiences with evolving voice recognition and language generation technologies. The future holds exciting prospects like VR coaching sessions and wearable tech integration.

Instacoaching's AI coaching is reshaping the landscape of growth and potential. It's not just a tool; it's a journey towards unlocking your full potential, anytime, anywhere. Join us in this thrilling evolution of coaching. You can try InstaCoaching for free on our Telegram Bot, register to get access.

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Why InstaCoaching ?

Coaching, a transformational journey chosen by many in the present times, is undergoing a significant change with platforms like Instacoaching. The introduction of artificial intelligence into this field is turning 24/7 instantaneous advanced coaching from a mere feasibility into a reality. This article delves into the innovative coaching model offered by Instacoaching, highlighting the numerous benefits it provides.

Instacoaching champions life coaching, offering tailored guidance in areas ranging from relationships and career paths to wellness, financial management, and personal purpose, all shaped to individual needs. With the integration of AI, Instacoaching offers instant life and business coaching accessible digitally at any time through dynamic chat and voice channels.


The core principle of AI coaching at Instacoaching mimics that of human coaching in terms of personalization and collaboration. However, its standout feature is its constant availability, facilitating quick and impactful sessions and providing continuous support that complements interactions with human coaches.


Instacoaching is at the forefront of innovations in natural language processing, enabling AI coaches to understand context, sentiments, and goals expressed in everyday language. These virtual coaches, supported by Instacoaching's advanced technology, analyze conversations to provide individualized guidance. Executive Coaching in Middle East, Dubai and Riyadh has never been so exciting.


Under the interaction with Instacoaching, AI coaches are developed using comprehensive datasets that include human behaviors, effective coaching techniques, motivational frameworks, and proven strategies. This extensive knowledge allows them to handle typical coaching scenarios on a large scale, offering users the opportunity to engage in natural, spontaneous conversations at their convenience.

Instacoaching combines AI's scalability with the empathy of human coaches to offer significant benefits:

  • Instant Access Anywhere: Instacoaching's support is available anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The 24/7 availability of Instacoaching makes it more economical compared to traditional human-only coaching.

  • Objective Insights: Users receive insights devoid of personal biases.

  • Adaptive Feedback: Instacoaching's AI dynamically refines and adjusts its advice as the user progresses.

  • Digital Trust: The anonymity of digital platforms like Instacoaching provides a comfortable space for users.

  • Standardized Guidance: Instacoaching's AI adheres to established coaching methodologies.

  • Data-Driven Insights: The platform offers insights and identifies opportunities for improvement based on data analysis.


When introducing AI coaching with platforms like Instacoaching, it's beneficial to initially focus on practical scenarios. As AI continues to evolve, its applications will expand, necessitating clarity on its limitations.

pretrained scenarios

Our Core Capabilities


Enhancing Performance: Unlock Your Full Potential

This service focuses on maximizing your personal and professional capabilities. Through targeted coaching, we help you identify and leverage your strengths, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals more effectively.


Leadership Mastery: Lead with Confidence and Vision

Our leadership program is designed to develop confident, inspiring leaders. It emphasizes building key skills like effective communication, team management, and visionary thinking, preparing you to lead with impact in any environment.


Strategic Thinking: Cultivate Innovative Decision-Making Skills

Enhance your ability to think critically and strategically. We guide you in understanding complex scenarios, making informed decisions, and innovating in your approach to challenges and opportunities in your career or business


Enhancing Performance: Unlock Your Full Potential

full potential

Imagine transforming your professional journey into one of exceptional achievement and personal satisfaction.

SMART Goal Setting

SMART Goal Setting

Together, we'll identify clear, achievable goals that resonate with your deepest aspirations. We will craft a step-by-step plan, tailored to your unique strengths and challenges, ensuring every action moves you closer to your objectives.

Rest and Recovery as a Performance Strategy

Rest and Recovery as a Performance Strategy

In our high-speed world, the power of rest is often underestimated. You will smoothly learn how to leverage downtime for mental rejuvenation, leading to sharper decision-making, enhanced creativity, and sustained high performance.

Feedback and Accountability Mechanisms

Feedback and Accountability Mechanisms

Regular, constructive feedback is the cornerstone of growth. Our sessions will include honest, actionable feedback, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and accountability. No Judgement and Ego awareness is key.


Transform Your Leadership Journey

Step into the realm of inspirational leadership, where your potential to influence and guide others reaches new heights.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the bedrock of effective leadership. Our sessions will focus on enhancing your self-awareness, empathy, and ability to connect with your team on a deeper level, driving engagement and loyalty.

Cultivating Vulnerability in Leadership

Cultivating Vulnerability in Leadership

Leadership isn't just about strength; it's about authentic connection. Learn how to embrace vulnerability, creating a culture of trust and openness that inspires and motivates your team.

Refining Communication & Collaboration Skills

Refining Communication & Collaboration Skills:

Develop a style that is clear, persuasive, and adaptable, ensuring you connect effectively with diverse audiences and scenarios. Transform your team's dynamic to one that values collaboration and collective problem-solving, creating a more resilient and innovative workforce.



Elevate Your Strategic Thinking

strategic thinking

Master the art of thinking ahead. We'll work on developing a clear, compelling vision for the future, aligning your strategic planning with long-term goals for sustained success.

Enhancing Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills

Enhancing Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills

Develop the ability to analyze complex situations, identify key issues, and make informed, impactful decisions. Our sessions will focus on sharpening these critical skills, ensuring you navigate challenges with confidence and foresight.

Fostering Innovation and Creativity

Fostering Innovation and Creativity

Break free from conventional thinking. Learn to embrace creativity, encouraging out-of-the-box solutions and novel approaches to traditional challenges, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Connecting dots

Connecting dots

Cross-Disciplinary Learning and Inspiration is key.

Broaden your horizons by exploring knowledge and insights from various fields. This unique approach will enrich your perspective, sparking innovative ideas and strategies.

AI Features

Comprehensive AI-Driven Executive Coaching Services

Live Transcription & Summarization

Each session is captured in any language and a report is produced based on proprietary taxonomy

Sessions Feedback on Effectiveness

AI provides constructive feedback to human coaches based on session outcomes and effectiveness

AI-Powered Question Suggestion During Sessions

AI provides real-time suggestions to coaches, enabling real-time adaptive and responsive coaching

VR Goggles

Personalized Online Learning Tailored Just for You!

Coming Soon!

Our Coaches

The Best Executive Coaching in Middle East and Beyond

At InstaCoaching, we pride ourselves on collaborating exclusively with top-tier certified coaches. Each coach brings not only extensive experience in coaching but also a substantial professional background, ensuring a deep understanding of various business and personal development challenges. Their expertise is further enhanced by specialized training in utilizing AI tools, which equips them to deliver an innovative, data-driven coaching experience. This unique combination of human insight and AI intelligence ensures our coaches are exceptionally qualified to guide you towards your personal and professional aspirations. We are gathering the best executive coaches of the Middle East, both english and arabic speakers.


Massimiliano Masi

Meet Massimiliano Masi

Max's website here:

Massimiliano "Max" Masi is an experienced executive in the energy sector with over 25 years of professional experience. He has served as CEO of two major Italian energy companies and has been a key player in significant industry innovations.

He now works as an entrepreneur, specializing in thermal energy storage solutions to aid the energy transition.

Max's interest in philosophy, inspired by his Greek middle name Spiridione, complements his work. He regularly explores this passion on his website, where he also delves into the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI)—a topic he has been writing about since 2017.

His debut novel marries his extensive energy industry experience with his fascination for AI and his vision for a decarbonized world. The book invites readers to explore a future impacted by energy transition and AI, and the profound questions that these developments bring.

In addition to his other roles, Max is a Certified Professional Coach, supporting corporate leaders across the globe. He has also developed the Artificial Intelligence Coach, an innovative tool that readers can access exclusively at the end of his book.

Some success cases

Some of our experiences in high demanding professional services and firms

team leadership
Michael, a Project Leader, wanted to improve his team leadership abilities. His AI coach analyzed his style and gave personalized tips to better connect with each team member, lead productive meetings, and proactively address conflict. In his next team evaluation, Michael received praise for his improved leadership.
job promotion
Sara, a partner, needed guidance positioning herself for the managing partner role. Her AI coach suggested strategies to increase her internal visibility through presentations, committee roles, and mentoring. It also helped refine her executive presence. Sara ended up on the shortlist for the promotion.
​Steve, a burnt out CEO, wanted help building a healthier firm culture. His AI coach created a 6-month plan to roll out wellness initiatives, evaluate policies affecting work-life balance, and provide leadership coaching to partners. Employee retention and satisfaction eventually improved under Steve's renewed cultural focus.

Privacy Policy:

At, we are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Statement outlines our practices regarding the collection, use, and protection of your personal information.

Data Collection and Use We collect personal data, such as your name, email, and professional interests, to provide and improve our coaching services. This data is used exclusively for enhancing your experience with

Commercial Offers Occasionally, we may use your contact information to send you offers and promotions that may be of interest to you. You can opt-out of receiving such communications at any time.

Telegram Bot Chat Data Any information shared through our Telegram bot chat is used solely for anonymized user clustering and profiling. This data helps us to better understand user needs and to enhance our services. We guarantee that individual chat data will not be disclosed or used for any other purposes.

Data Privacy and Security Your data is stored securely and treated with the utmost confidentiality. We implement various security measures to ensure the protection of your personal information.

Changes to Privacy Statement We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Statement at any time. Any changes will be promptly reflected on our website.

Contact Us For any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Statement, please contact us at

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